A Sure Way to Tackle Failure

A Sure Way to Tackle Failure

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed as the opposite of success.

In fact, “failure” is simply means to have a goal and not do anything about it.

Nobody wants to push cart but unfortunately, some have to push cart even at old age. Though, they were sometimes in school like you but they took the future for granted. Some people today, especially the elderly ones live in regrets because they never achieved anything. Some now use their old age to struggle in order to make ends meet. To some, they want to re-live the past so as to have a secured future, but to re-live the past is not possible. Life is a vapour and can easily be lost and wasted if not properly managed. It is quite amazing to note that students in the same class , who are placed under the tutelage of the same teachers , fed in the same refectory and given accommodation in the same boarding house do not have the same academic performance. Equally, noteworthy is that managers who are trained in a particular tertiary institution, under the same supervision of a set of celebrated professors may hardly show the same degree of efficiency and Impact of the students and the managers.

Perhaps, the way people translate Time to useful things , put them in the different categories they find themselves. The direction the wheel of time management is steered differentiates a drunk, a dullard, a perpetual employee and a spectator from the influential inventor, professor, entrepreneur and rich merchant , who command respect, influence and affluence. The way time is utilized for work affects a person’s wealth social status and academic attainment. Time well managed by an individual more often than not puts the person on the map. That is why the sure way to tackle failure is translating Time to things” Time is scarce, but very important resource for human existence. Hence , the author of proverbs warns all and Sunday that whoever spends time in idleness and sleeping cannot escape poverty(failure) proverbs 6:6-11. Time is the fleeting fragment of eternity available to humanity within which policies , plans and decisions are made. It is the frame within which actions and inaction that make or Mar mankind take place. If success and excellence must arrived at, the seeker must of a necessity, consciously exercise control over the limited time at his disposal. A good way to begin is to ask the following questions:

  • How have I been starting my day?
  • What activities characterize my day?
  • What activities do I need to eliminate from my day?
  • Do I have the habit of shifting what must be done now? A sincere Review of the above questions will help you adjust to the following time saving and productivity enhancement practice.
  • Beginning your day with God.
  • Make a list of activities each day and stick to it .
  • Identify and eliminate time wasters from your day
  • Do away with procrastination.

Success, great achievements or mediocrity come to particular persons who invite either of them through the way they put time into use. The way you use the Time available to you decides your degree of influence, affluence, and efficiency in all you do in life. Time has to be redeemed from idle chats , useless visual entertainments, immoral romances and other irrelevances , and be wisely devoted to academic and business pursuits , skills acquisition , useful bodily exercises , reading of books , praying and praising God and other profitable activities. To students in the secondary and tertiary institutions, Time utilized for intensive study and academic exercises translate to excellent performance, good certificates and gainful employment. A radio announcer once said “yesterday’s well lived is today’s happiness and tomorrow’s dream of hope” whether you will be poor or rich , illiterate or highly educated, unproductive or productive depends on how time is spent . So use time prudently , intelligently and fruitfully.


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