Clairvoyance according to Wikipedia entails an alleged ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception.

This entails that an individual can possess the the ability to see into the future and as a result accurately predict it. It gets better, it also entails that an individual can accurately visualize through solid wall the occupants in a next room. This may sound eerie to you, but it remains a widely known occurrence around the world. Here, I am going to use several reported instances to argue on clairvoyance as it is, being a case of coincidence or a from birth ability.

How many of you have heard of a certain Morgan Robertson? Ring a bell? Well, for those of you still having a hard time remembering the name, stop trying. I will tell you about the man. Maybe you have not heard about the man but am sure you must have heard about his book, “THE WRECK OF THE TITAN OR FUTILITY”, no? Then I guess i will have to tell you about the man afterall.

Morgan Robertson had in 1898 wrote a novella (a short novel) narrating the sinking of a fictional ship he called the ‘titan’ in his book. He had also clearly stated the circumstances that led to the sinking of the so called ship. According to him, the ship had on the month of April, while on a voyage from London to New York, struck an iceberg with it’s starboard side and had immediately taken in too much water which led to its sinking. The ship was reported to be carrying very few life boats which incidentally contributed to the loss of a higher percentage of voyagers’ lives.

Well, I am not going to say much about the book, but I am sure you are already trying to remember where you have heard that story before. No need to think much. What you are trying to remember is the tragic event that befell the RMS TITANIC on the 14th day of April in the year 1912. Now you know. But, I can bet you don’t know that this tragic event occurred 14 years later after the book had been published. Weird right? Isn’t it a weird affair that a book had talked about an impeding tragedy 14 years before it occurred?

Let’s look at some facts. The name of the ship in the book had been called ‘titan’, similar to the real ship ‘titanic’. The ship in the book had sunk on the month of April, same with the real life ship. The ship in the book had sunk because it hit an iceberg on its starboard side, same event occurring with the real titanic. Also, they both have same reasons for the massive loss of life of voyagers, least number of life boats. It doesn’t stop there. Speed before tragedy, weight, water displacement proficiency, position of tragedy, etc these two ships had so much in common. I am sure you are already getting spooked with the weird similarities going on. So the question remains, had Morgan Robertson intentionally penned down those occurences in his book to send a warning , or was it all just a case of coincidence?

Moving on to the next person on my list is no other than the most controversial personality humanity has ever beheld if I may call him that and freaky too. Ladies, gentlemen, all the way from France, I present to you the one and only, Michel de Nostradame aka NOSTRADAMUS. Yeah, i know you already recognise the name and I am sure you must have come across his works. Well, you know better than I do that Nostradamus is an acclaimed clairvoyant. I mean, even in death, the man is still predicting the future. Most predictions he penned down have occurred with little or no discrepancies and doubt and did I mention that there is still more? Nostradamus’ prophecies had been published in a book called ‘les propheties’ in 1555.

One example of a freakishly accurate prediction by him in his book had been the prediction of Louis Pasteur’s discoveries. He had written it down as thus: ‘the last thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries. Pasteur will be celebrated almost as a God-like figure. This is when the moon completes her great cycle. But by other rumours, he shall dishonoured.’

Louis Pasteur invented a process of removing bacteria known as pasteurization, named after him. But, he soon lost his popularity after it was discovered that he had incorporated a rival’s findings to make his anthrax vaccine functional. This disclosure certainly dishonored the great scientist as Nostradamus had predicted. Freaky, right?

Another person I am going to talk about is the Late (Prof) Chinua Achebe who in his book, ‘a man of the people’ (published in 1966) had accurately predicted the first military coup the nation Nigeria have had.

So, can you still say that clairvoyance is a probable ability an individual can possess or just a lucky stroke of coincidence? I guess, we will never know unless evidence in the form of real life occurrence leading up to the prediction should occur.

Most times though, clairvoyancy may actually be not what it entails, accurate prediction of the future. For instance, if I beheld a child placing a dry tuft of grass close to an open flame and I eventually reveal to the child that the tuft will soon go up in flames and sooner or later, it does. Will i be said to be clairvoyant? Absolutely not. What I did was saying the obvious after having made a calculated deduction of the circumstances. Anyone can accurately predict what would happen to ice-cream if it met fire. It can be however intriguing if i had said, “in the month of September, two burning birds will hit the two sisters, making them glow red as the lives they will take down with them” and probably 15 years later, September 11 attacks occurs in America. That would be something right?

So, Ladies, Gentlemen, if you happen to hear or read about a prediction, all you gotta do is to just wait and see.