Good day ladies and gentlemen, you are all welcome to youth convention organized by the dove family international at marvel hotel Enugu. I’m Ogbutue Joseph chibuzor one of the co-founder "AfriEdu". I thank you all for the wonderful privilege and maximum support you have given me to stand before you today.



 I wish to appreciate the hands behinds the dove family international worldwide for humane efforts to build, unite and help the youths who have lost the hope of a better life to regain hope and achieve their dream.  Presently, the dove family international is working around the clock to make this present hard times today a better place for us. 
      However, in other to help the vision of dove family international, we must know the factors towards prosperity. 
Prosperity is condition of flourishing thriving on a state of good fortune. The first factor towards prosperity is dream, dream is indispensable factor; the dream in you is what gives birth to your idea. It was that most prosperous men and women had yesterday that they live today. It is the type of dreams we have now that will determine how our tomorrow will be like. According Harriet Tubman, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer; always remember you have within you the strength, the patience and passion to reach for stars to change the world.”
    Our dream determine the type of ideas we discuss with others. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “Great minds discuss ideal; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” In essence we must be careful of our ideas. Ideas are very powerful factors of prosperity because an idea rules the men that govern the world. It was the idea in Michael Faraday that made an inventor of electricity. Wright brother’s inventors aero plane, Thomas Edison the greatest America inventor of practical light bulb. John Logie Braid, a Scottish inventor invented Television. In Nigeria today people like Emeka Offor, Aliko Dangote become prosperous business men today because of their ideas to mention but a few then What is the idea in you; be bold to let it out, the world have been waiting for someone like you to unleash your potentials ideas in fact, yours could turn this world a more better place to live.

       Planning is very important if we fail to plan we plan to fail. Planning is very essential as salt is to the soup, if you cook without adding a salt does it have taste? NO! However planning is the salt of all prosperity.

          While planning, we must have a goal setting; goal setting reminds us of our vision and target and we must have different columns of planning. If the plan ‘’A’’ fails, then plan ‘’B’’ will work out or “C’’. Late planners are always far from prosperity because they fail to plan ahead of time. 

        According to William Shakespear “some are born great; some achieve greatness and have greatness thrust upon them. ‘’ those who achieve greatness according to shakespear are those who have planned with goal setting towards prosperity. In marriage you have to apply planning if we want to achieve prosperity in marital life, first of all the targeted to marry in order to start having children and the number of kids to have.

  A political career, we must plan a targeted year to context a particular post during election. For instance Emmanuel Macron was about eight years when Gen. Mohammadu Buhari was a military head of the state in 1983 to 1985 and today he is the president of France that was because he was able to apply dreams to ideas, he plan with a goal setting without giving up on his challenges.

         While planning we must plan the vision of dove family international to be independent and also plan help one another because a tree cannot make a forest  
          We can achieve this goal setting through communication with one another. However, communication is also a factor towards prosperity because a closed mouth is a closed destiny and an open mouth is an open destiny which leads one to prosperity, in essence from time to time.
    Dove family international is knocking on each and every mind here presents and non presents to communicate with one another for us to achieve her goal. 

      We must never let the following factors which are against the factor of prosperity to hold us back, challenges like; procrastination, doubts, fear, negative influences , frustration, financial constraints and hard times.  According to Robert .H. Schuler,” Tough times never last but tough people do’’
     Above all, we must meticulous on our daily principal activities towards prosperity. We must think on worthy thought towards prosperity and shone every forms of add thought which are against this factors. In the words of St. Paul in Philippians 4 vs. 8 “my brothers and sisters fill you mind with those things that are good and that deserve praise, things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely and honorable think upon all this things.”

    In conclusion, when we follow the above discussed factors of prosperity we shall see the principle output, which includes integrity, honor, financial prosperity and political prosperity while the end result are: happiness, joy, health and wealth.