If measures aren't taken Nigerians will be a subject of discussion to the world- Dr Franklin

Nigeria image abroad is sinking fast and it is indeed in jeopardy. Some drastic steps are necessary to combat the national foes of the nation’s moral existence and dignity both home and abroad.

If measures aren't taken Nigerians will be a subject of discussion to the world- Dr Franklin

These must begin now otherwise, Nigerians will be reduced to image of lepers who can neither be accepted nor thrive in sane societies.

Recently, some Nigerians have been caught by FBI in extensive and heavy fraud activities. This and other disgusting criminal actives have been ongoing. Nigerians are in various jails all over the world while some have been and are being executed in various countries of the world. Yet, these shameless characters continue their notoriety un abated. It is high time the Federal government stood up to save the image of the country and this can only e achieved in the most ruthless manner. Otherwise, there would be no place of pride for any NIGERIAN in the diaspora very shortly.


Anke Dabiri has been up and doing and indeed very relentless and assiduous in her portfolio: we all read about her efforts. But this seems to be a lone voice not particularly strengthened by the efforts of other arms of government. We must however put in mind that the tragic consequences on the long run will not be hers in future but that of all Nigerians , our children, our children children either innocent of these crimes or not. The legislatures, the Federal government, local governments and in indeed the paramount rulers should all come together with one voice and mind to fight all these enemies of our society whose ultimate goal is to amass wealth at all cost and by all means. Disgrace them, disgrace them to their roots, annihilate them, despise them and condemn them in all totality. The legislatures should come up with extreme severe penal laws. After all,countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand are all involved in protecting the dignity of their countries with severe punitive measures on the extreme criminals. These countries don’t have to panic because of challenges from any human right silly organisation/ organisations. Nigeria just have to do something now, the President should evolve his well known for no nonsense attitude through his executive powers. He should summon the governors of the states of the notorious ethnic groups and entreat them to do something to curb these excesses. There is absolutely no moral justification or pride in belonging to an ethnic group if all one is interested in is the destruction of the values of such ethnic group through all the crimes we are all experiencing each day.

Prayer alone can not save the country, the country must come up with drastic punitive measures and must be ready to sustain such measures. It is my believe this is one of the ways ,we can demonstrate to the world that we care for our dignity ,we abhor, detest, and banish all the criminal elements in our society. Long live and prosperity to all True Nigerians: to hell with all the children of beelzebub among us. Dr Franklin Adejuwon Former federal minister / Commissioner, Home Affairs and tourism. Lagos state.



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