It's Not About The Car

When the love a parent has towards their child is tested, incredible consequences can occur.

It's Not About The Car
It's Not About The Car

It was a beautiful, sunny, Saturday afternoon in a certain place in a certain town of some certain country and an ordinary day in every ramifications possible. It was that kind of Saturday that allowed for usually busy civil servants, hardworking and less hardworking school children to take a break from the stress of assignments, class works, lunch breaks and to a larger extent, restricted movements. But to some mothers, this exceptionally lazy Saturday was a day to do the week's laundry, do a thorough cleanup of the house, cook a nice family favourite delicacy and no to mention shopping for the coming week's family grocery supply. To the dads however, this was a day to take a break from the so-called 'keeping the family fed' struggle and hang out with their children in some favourite chosen spots in town. This was the case with one Mr. Richard Clark who had decided to take his only child of three years, little master Dave Clark to catch a fulfilling father to son time at an open park.

On such a Saturday, father and son had hopped into their yellow coloured tundra van and with cheerful goodbye calls to mom, they drove out of the parking lot and into the road. While driving, Mr. Richard had slotted in an Mp3 player and soon both father and son were nodding in rhythm and singing along to Michael Jackson's 'ABC'. This had gone on for a while before Mr. Richard noticed the fuel gauge read low. His prompt eyes were quick to spot a service station few kilometres ahead. When they eventually arrived the station, he drove towards an empty dispenser and waited to get served. While his vehicle was being fed, his eyes roamed the premises and he noticed that the station also sold snacks, yummy! An idea suddenly pops into his head, a little snack for his time out with his boy will do a lot of good. He waited until the attendant was through with dispensing some fuel into his car tank and made a move. He followed the attendant towards the store and suddenly turns back sharply a short distance away as a man would do if his name had been screamed out behind him using a megaphone. He looks at little Dave seated there in the car with eyes looking inquisitively at him as though to say, 'you did it again dad, you forgot me'. Richard returns the look with a smile and says, "I will not be long". 

Soon, while perusing the store shelf and trying as hard as possible to make up his mind on what particular snack to buy, he hears a very familiar sound that sends shivers of fear down his spine. He leaned closer to get a better audition and the same sound comes back to his auditory canal, clearer this time. Fear and confusion suddenly and completely overwhelms him, dropping the numerous snacks he was holding in his hand, he makes for the exit point. Arriving outside the store, his fears are confirmed, someone was stealing his car. "Nooo!" Richard screamed! His scream definitely caught the attention of the car jacker and that of passersby as well. Revving the engine once more, the thief sends the tundra truck galloping out of the service station. With a fierce roar a wounded lion would utter, Richard gave chase. The thief would not have expected it, but the unrelenting father was soon hanging dangerously across the driver's door of the fast moving truck. Like a raving mad beast, the tundra made its way hastily along the road with Richard still hanging on for dear life and at the same time fighting to gain control of the steering wheel in a bid to try to offset the driver into crashing the car. Wherever they drove past, onlookers were quick to understand that the man hanging from the door of the moving truck was the owner of the truck and he was trying to some how regain control of his truck. Some hailed Richard's determination, while some thought him stupid and foolish to risk his life in that manner, it's just a car after all.

The battle to gain control of the wheel soon turned over in Richard's favour. While struggling with this lunatic, the thief had heard a tiny whimper come from the back seat as though it was from a baby, turning back to further investigate, Richard had seized his moment and without hesitation guided the car into an acacia tree. With full raging speed, the car rams into the tree and Richard is tossed away like a bag of flour in a giant's hand, while the thief is slammed full in the face by the SRS airbag, this quickly knocks him out.

Soon, after what seemed like minutes, onlookers had surrounded the site of the accident. They quickly begin efforts to revive Richard, offering him water and cold beverage. The thief, they pull out from the car, bind him hands and feet and put a call out to the police. When they noticed Richard had come around, they started throwing cusses and insults at him for risking his life in such a manner for just an ordinary car. One erratic individual even offered to slap sense into him, "if to say you die, e go be becos of yeye car. I go slap sense enter your brain, IDIOT!" The man had said. Richard began crawling to the ruined vehicle and their eyes followed him. The individual who had offered to slap sense into him said again, "upon everything, him still de fight for im car.dis man no get sense o!" Richard in reply, only uttered, "it's not about the car". As he said this, he opened the door to the back seat of the car to scoop out a child wide eyed with fright and confusion. At the sight of the child, the crowd gasped. Some in shock, some in utter horror. 'A child had been in there all this time!' Soon, the cusses and insults turned to commendations and congratulatory statements. The man who had threatened to slap sense into Richard, decided to carry out his threat. This time on the carjacker who was just recovering from his temporal loss of consciousness. 


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