know Thy Self

know Thy Self

When last did you listen to yourself with undivided devotion?

We live in an age where lots of things have been created to keep us away from ourselves. We’ve been sold out, and the truth is we even paid the cost. We took our own self to the slaughter table of distraction, and left us hanging there enjoying the pain, finding joy in it until the day of reckoning we will know how much harm we’ve done ourselves. It is so bad that our internet service providers advertises them to us. With 3 Gig data bundle you can stream endless movies on Netflix and Youtube, download thousands of music files, enjoy free Facebook data, etc. Distractions, freedom in chains. The worst addiction is the one you’re not even aware of.

What happened to adverts like – Free online tutorials on Youtube, Educative audio books, free data for educational research..? you know something that will bring the mind to listen with undivided devotion.

The reason is because these internet service providers endorse the artist and the cycle goes on, but that’s not my problem, my problem is me…

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but our selves can free our mind. some say that’s just a part of it we’ve got to fulfill ….

RIP Bob Marley

Yeah go on say it. There’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve got to live the life. A whole lot is wrong with it. you’re consciously reprogramming your mind to do what they want you to do.

All that is pertaining to life is within you. All you need to do is listen. Listen to your spirit. Isaac Newton listened, Albert Einstein listened. You want to be great? Listen. You want to make a change? Listen. We live in a society where the rich gets richer while the poor get poorer. That’s a fact not true. But it becomes true when you fail to listen. You did not create your self, the one who did wrote some programs in you that if you listen you will hear.

Listen to thyself that’s the only way to know thy self

Nwakaji Chibueze Caius