Managing Office Romance.

The workplace can be a disaster zone for romance or sexual affairs- especially for those who by virtue of their positions have access to sensitive confidential information.

Managing Office Romance.
Office Romance.
Managing Office Romance.

Office Romance is high risk to career development. However, it is atimes very difficult to avoid situations where co-workers get attracted to themselves since it's a human working environment. Try as much as possible to avoid office romance but if you can't help it, manage it carefully.

Here are a few hints on its management.

1. Negotiate it discreetly.

2. Avoid private, quiet encounters and intimate manoeuvres, especially during business hours. It can be offensive and embarrassing to others.

3. Don't place the relationship before your job-pay adequate attention to your job.

4. Never allow emotional disturbances to affect the way you relate with colleagues.

5. Don't both arrive at work, complaining of tiredness, headache, backache, etc, you make yourselves a gossip topic.

6. Don't discuss your affairs with colleagues-except a very close bosom friend-sworn to oath of secrecy.

7. If confronted by colleagues, be diplomatic about the whole thing; neither confirm nor deny the affair.

8. Don't seek sympathy or inflict your pains on others when things go wrong in the relationship.


So if you don't want to go through the stress of managing Office Romance, I suggest you avoid any situations that could spark it off. For instance; Rides together, lunch together, getting personal during conversations, etc in a nutshell don't catch yourself alone with that individual.