The Neuro-linguistic programming is an idea that encapsulates the process of the mind influencing the outward actions of an individual.

The term in itself when brought to layman’s terms, means the ‘language of the mind’. This entails the operation of the mind on how it interprets and reacts to certain occurrences it might encounter.

It stipulates that a person acts the way they do not as a response to external factors but as a response to internal factors. This means that a person acts out actions based on the interpretations of the circumstance his/her mind gives to her.

The mind is a powerful weapon as well as a profitable tool human beings have been graciously gifted with. It is no wonder that the famous Apostle Paul stipulated that the change of one’s mind from one state to another, will eventually also determine the person’s actual actions in real life as duly noted down somewhere in the bible, “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

With the correct mind focus and action, one can effectively attain a life free of the fear of impossibilities and failure.

This however cannot be said to be the same for everyone. For instance, a dog might be viewed a ‘threat’ to a man, but to another, it is just well ‘a dog’. These individual deductions is as a result of the various individual mind interpretations of the two different individuals.

Neuro-Linguistic programming stipulates that a person can choose to react boldly or fearfully, interestingly or lackadaisically, strongly or weakly, intelligently or unintellectually, swiftly or dully, towards circumstances or situations that may confront him or her.


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