Philosophy Essay Topics For Students In 2021 And 2022

Philosophy is an interesting discipline. However, it is perceived by some people to be abstract in nature. But is a discipline that deals with knowledge and wonder

Philosophy Essay Topics For Students In 2021 And 2022
Philosophy Essay Topics For Students In 2021 And 2022

Also, it deals with understanding reality as a whole. However, on writing a good philosophy essay, note. It depends largely on the topic you choose. And these topics are rather general. Also, they may be created by choosing a theory or a philosopher

In this article, you shall be given some unique philosophy essay topics. Also, you shall read about how to find great philosophy essay topics. Thus, pay attention as you read

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is derived from Greek: φιλοσοφία, philosophia. And this means love of wisdom. Also, it is the study of general questions of things. And it is the study of fundamental questions about existence.

Additionally, it is concerned with knowledge. And it is concerned with values. It is:

  1. Concerned with reason.
  2. Also, it is concerned with mind.
  3. Additionally, it is concerned with language.
  4. Also, with morals.
  5. Additionally, with justice.
  6. Also, with freedom.
  7. Additionally, with religion.

Also, the above concerns are often posed as problems. Thus, they are to be studied or resolved. Furthermore, the term was probably coined by Pythagoras.

Few Tips for Finding Great Philosophy Essay Topics

Below are some tips on finding great philosophy essay topics:

  1. Make sure it has an arguable question.
  2. Also, make sure it is interesting to you.
  3. Also, make sure it is interesting to your audience.
  4. Additionally, make sure it has a few different opinions.
  5. Also, make sure it has different views.
  6. Additionally, make sure it’s relevant to your audience or to current issues.

Great Philosophy Essay Topics

Below are some philosophy essay topics:

  1. Are people good or evil by nature?
  2. Does free will exist? And what is the notion of free will be reconsidered?
  3. Does the belief in God change a person?
  4. Is science compatible/incompatible with religion?
  5. Argue for or against the utilitarianism.
  6. An evaluation of psychological and ethical egoism.
  7. Are morals relative to culture or society?
  8. Do moral facts exist?
  9. Can philosophers be invited to consider the future of development of technology?
  10. Do moral rules enslave people? And can people violate moral rules to achieve a common good? Also, critically evaluate Machiavelli’s ideas.

More Great Philosophy Essay Topics

Below are some more philosophy essay topics:

  1. What theory explaining the drivers of human behavior is the most convincing?
  2. Is morality related to the level of education of a person?
  3. An examination of genetic engineering humans.
  4. Ethical evaluation of euthanasia.
  5. An evaluation of the morality of abortion?      
  6. Can capital punishment be legal? And should a convict be allowed to decide whether to serve a life sentence or accept a death penalty?
  7. An examination of the personal use of drugs.
  8. Can mass surveillance be justified?
  9. Is cloning ethically permissible?

Amazing Philosophy Essay Topics

Below are some more amazing philosophy essay topics:

  1. Is there a moral obligation to be honest?
  2. Can charity be considered a moral obligation? Also, should it be considered an obligation of the wealthy people?
  3. Do developed countries have a moral responsibility to address the issue of hunger in the world?
  4. Do democratic states have a moral right/moral obligation to overthrow/help overthrow dictatorship/eliminate oppression in some states?
  5. Can a person be denied the place in the hall of fame for demonstrating low moral standards?
  6. Should the wealthy countries assume responsibility for organ trafficking business in developing states?
  7. Who should decide whether to place an elderly in the elderly center?
  8. Is there a moral duty to care for the environment? And should environment awareness be treated as a virtue?
  9. Is it ethical to have zoos and circuses?

Outstanding Philosophy Essay Topics

Below are some outstanding philosophy essay topics:

  1. Is it ethical to use animals’ fur and skin? And should the fur industry be regulated/banned overall?
  2. Has feminism as a movement achieved all its goals? And is there currently equality between sexes?
  3. Should white Americans hold responsibility for the disadvantaged position of black Americans?
  4. Is it ethical to invest in operations for pets if people in developing countries lack basic health care?
  5. Should patriotism be considered a virtue?
  6. Is it ethical to use embryos in genetic engineering research?
  7. Should people face legal responsibility for failing on the moral rules?
  8. Is it ethical to produce “designer babies”?
  9. Should the state consider moral aspects of the policy when implementing it? And what should overweight: morality or economic benefits?
  10. Evaluation of violent and offensive content? And should it be removed from the Internet? And who should decide what content is offensive?

Bonus Topics

  1. The ethics of feminism. Thus, consider both the equality and freedom issues and the traditional virtues of women. Also, is feminism somehow opposed to religion?
  2. Are the existing policies adequately protecting people from discrimination?
  3. Should hate speech on the Internet and social media sites be censored?
  4. Is ageism a real thing? And how should it be tackled?
  5. Can the state be allowed to censor the creative work of the artists?
  6. What is the ethics behind Bitcoin. And is it lower costs to end-users or money laundering?
  7. Should there be a legal responsibility for hate speech?

If you lack time to write the philosophy essay topics on your own, then note. You may make use of one of the above. Also, feel free to learn more.


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