Revision Questions And Answers On Sweet Sixteen

Why do you think the novel was entitled sweet sixteen? See Reasons On answer page!

Revision Questions And Answers On Sweet Sixteen
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Authorial background of sweet sixteen

Bolaji Abdullahi was a former editor with this day Newspapers,his passion for creativity drives him to write the novel sweet sixteen. He also writes on politics,He was a commissioner of education in kwara state and minister of youths Development and sports in Nigeria ,he had his bachelor of science degree in mass communication from university of lagos.

He had an unending love both for the youths and the teenagers ,perhaps that was why he wrote sweet sixteen


1.) Why do you think the novel was​​​ entitled sweet sixteen?

Answer to question number one

The novel was entitled sweet sixteen because it begins on the sixteen birthday of Aliya, the story revolves around her 16th birthday, she tells us how the read a book titled sweet sixteen which made her realise that at 16 one is no longer a child but a young adult. Perhaps, sweet sixteen was taken as a title from the birthday card that said “Happy sweet sixteen” which Mr. Bello gave Aliya(page 8).

2.Mr.Bello says that Kind of generalization is called stereotype (page 41) what do you think that leads him to this opinion?

Answer to question no 2

This opinion was laid because Aliya told him how Rebecca her class mate says that all Muslims will go to hell because Muslims do not believe in Jesus and they like to kill people(page 40)

3.What is Mr.Bello’s opinion about people without shame no ethics and moral foundation?

Answer to question no 3

They are animals because only animals behave any how. They like guided only their instinct’s,no moral, no ethics (page 28).

4.Write what you know about the following characters respectively; Akin, Rebecca and Bobo?

Answers to question no 4

a) Akin -is Aliya class mate, the king of boys as he calls himself, Aliya imagines that he is her brother, he is funny and likes to play pranks on every one including his mathematics teacher. He got an “A” in Mathematics.

b) Rebecca -she is a sadists who is guilty of Religious stereotype because of saying that all Muslims will go to hell fire because Muslims do not believe in Jesus and they like to kill people (page 40)

c) Bobo -He is the class mate to Aliya, who does things because his pears does it , He tells Aliya that he likes her . He left the country to Ireland with his parents without telling Aliya , Aliya threw Away the teddy gift he gave her because she does not like Him back.

6.)Mr.Bello says “if you bought a new dress and throw it on the floor, people would be justified to use it as a rag and mop the floor , with it. But if you have a dress even though it is not so new, but you keep it clean and hang it in your wardrobe no one would treat it like a rag or dare to clean the floor with it” what does he mean?

Answer to question no 6

Respect can only be command by self- respect. A queen is treated like a queen because a queen behaves like a queen , but if a queen behaves like a tramp , she would be treated like one.

7.Why do you think the novel foundation is based on moral teachings?

Answer to question no 7

According to the letter that Mr.Bello writes to Aliya, he tells her to make sure she does the right thing always and if she gives her self some respect, she should expect to be treated with respect by every body(page 49). Again, he encourages her to rise above her personal feelings, one sentiments so that she can help others to see another way of looking at the world(page 42).

8..List and explain two themes obtainable from the novel sweet sixteen?

Answer to question 8

The theme of Religious stereotype, and moral decadence.

Religious stereotype is demonstrated when Rebecca pronounced that all Muslims will go to hell fire because Muslims do not believe in Jesus Christ they like to kill people.

Moral decadence, most of the teenagers has lost the sense of moral values. Aliya tells us how a boy and a girl was caught doing something bad, and both were suspended the next day, in fact, even the language uses by this teenagers are rotten. 53X is an immoral word for sex. Moral decadence among the are much more rapid



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