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Many great people in life made success come through their ways because they had learnt how not to double or triple their failure. In other words, FAILURE is the high way to success, the only route for success to be established. Success is born out of experience. Quite a good number of people attained greatness because in time past they had failed in one endeavor or the other. You will understand that people like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Waltz Disney had their own share of failure. And in that failure they learnt success.

In view of this , people don’t see failure because they are ignorant to see it, they only see one side of the picture by saying the person “got lucky”, he must have been at the right place at the right time.

We have heard the story of a man called “ABRAHAM LINCOLN” who encountered failure at different levels but still persevered because his heart yearned for something. He didn’t give up, until his attained success.

Lincoln, fondly called ABE was at the age of 21 defeated in a legislative race and at the age of 22 he failed again in his business . He overcame the death of his sweetheart at the age of 24 and at 26 he had a nervous break down. At 27, he lost a congressional race and at 34, he lost the senatorial race . At 45, he failed in his effort to become the vice president of United States of America. He lost again at the senatorial race at the age of 49. To God be the Glory at 52 he became the President of United states of America.

Would you call this man a failure? He could have given up, but to him defeat was a detour and not a dead end. The only thing that could have stopped him was death.

Another story of a great man, who was partially deaf by birth and attained greatness is Thomas Alva Edison and became the greatest American inventor and developed many devices in fields like – electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording and motion pictures.

Have you asked yourself, how can a person who is disabled achieve a lot of progress and become one of American’s greatest inventor? The simple answer is determination, focus and perseverance.

Never say I am tired, or say I am not good enough. Or get discouraged by saying I had failed many times. Never try to underestimate yourself by saying my age is not in line with the ages of present achievers. Try not to discourage yourself by saying I am not good enough, or comparing yourself to people rather see them as role models and competitors. Strive to be greater than them and the sky will be your starting point.

Always have this at the back of your mind that people are born great but some achieve greatness through hard work.

When you fall, stand up, dust yourself and continue the journey. Because its only a man who doesn’t like the mud, that will rise from it.