TEA: A Magical Wonder Or Just Another Pre-Historic Accident?

TEA: A Magical Wonder Or Just Another Pre-Historic Accident?

From the time of the early men, various methods (most of them crude) had been used to treat diseases that most times were life threatening. Sometimes leaves of certain plants were boiled in water to extract their contents which was then drank by the unwell person. Sometimes the results were successful and sometimes the sick person died of poisoning.

But it would interest you to know that these trial and error methods were the foundation of the evolution of tea in human history. As time went by, tea found it’s way to the dining tables of most people, sometimes being the main course meal and most times being part of dessert. But it was still to become more serious than that.

The production and sale of tea leaves soon became an intricate business that would eventually become a major export good of most countries of the world, past and present.

Oh! Did I forget to mention, tea became top secret in a certain country. Shhhh…I will give you clues, the country’s name starts with a ‘C’ and it is found in the Asian continent. Shhhhh… this information is confidential. It can only be disclosed on a need to know basis. Anyway, tea was not top secret any longer after it was stolen from them.

However, it is expedient for you to know that tea is now a drink drunk worldwide and I must say has struck the fancy of most people including mine. This is so because I just had a conversation with this female nutritionist whom i happened to meet in a grocery store. Before I go on, I must confess that she was very pretty. Ok, that is off my chest, let’s move on. So, she said a lot of eye opening things about tea which I began to doubt were even possible. But as she talked on, i seemed to understand better her professional point of view.

She also talked about several ailments that can be cured simply by drinking diverse kinds of tea. These are them below:

  1. HEADACHE: You use CINNAMON TEA as the best remedy.
  2. COUGH: This condition can be treated with THYME TEA.
  3. SORE THROAT: The pain of sore throat can be treated with LEMON TEA.
  4. STOMACH ACHE: To treat stomach ache, drink CHAMOMILE TEA.
  5. FATIGUE: Remedy for fatigue is PEPPERMINT TEA.
  6. INSOMNIA: Kick insomnia out with a warm cup of PASSION FLOWER TEA.

I learnt from her that you could also purchase these mentioned teas online if you don’t find them in the grocery stores. So, do you still doubt the magic of tea?

As for me, I ended up purchasing a trolley full of tea packs after I was done listening to the pretty nutritionist.