The Illuminati Syndrome

The Illuminati is a name that has attained worldwide acclaim to be a clandestine organisation that carries out activities that are hardly felt or noticed. This elusive organisation has due to it's perplexity being the subject of diverse assertions and arguements widespread across the Globe. This has been all in a bid to try and explain it's existence. However in Nigeria, one assertion is certain, the illuminati is a secret society where members amass great wealth through diabolic and fetish means. It is pertinent to ascertain the basis of this assertion. Is it hinged on fact or is it just superstition speaking behind a veil of ignorance?

The Illuminati Syndrome

The word Illuminati is a plural of The Latin word 'illuminatus' which in itself means enlightened. The word has come to become the nomenclature of the most elusive entity the human race has ever fathomed. The illuminati has over the years been accorded several depictions and descriptions by most people. This if anything have further enriched the complexity the organisation enjoys.

In recent times, conspiracy theorists have asserted that the illuminati is an organisation made up of members who aim at dominating the world's systems and eventually cede this dominated prize as a gift to Satan who is claimed to be the deity the members of the organisation worship. This may sound farfetched to the objective mind, ridiculous per say. But this particular group of theorists have done a great deal of work in giving grounds to their assertions.

In recent times, images, video clips, etc have been released to the General public for viewing. In these articles are depicted popular and powerful personalities supposedly making dance moves, facial expressions and even hand gestures that are allegedly moves, expressions and gestures connected to the illuminati symbols. The argument is that most of these personalities are the supposed members of the elusive organisation that plan on using their popularity, power and wealth to take control of the whole world affairs and systems and eventually ceding them to the devil.

You may be interested to know that people are not the only objects targeted in this assertions. Hints have in recent times been placed on the possibility of the American dollar being the currency of the illuminati. You may begin to wonder the connection a currency has in common with an organisation such as the illuminati, well don't wonder far. Clearly depicted on the American dollar is the 'all seeing eye' ( a glowing triangle with a single eyeball in its middle). This diagram is reported to be the symbolic representation of the illuminati. When it comes down to this, one question that will surely whelm your mind is, 'what's going on?' tongues have wagged at the presence of the diagram on the dollar, many have inquired as to the business the diagram has on the currency and in the clamour for an answer, an assumption was proffered that the dollar may be a tool the organisation intends to use to carry out its plans of dominance on the whole world. Well, we may never know.

However, the assertion that the illuminati is constantly operating in secret and carrying out diabolic activities to ensure the entire planet's domination is still very much widespread. Although, some people strongly attest to the existence of the illuilluminati, there are some who do not. They just 'hmmph' at the topic stating a million reasons why they don't think the idea of an organisation such as the illuminati is a real thing. One popular argument they always put forth is the assertion that if a powerful and well resourced organisation such as the illuminati does indeed exists on earth, there was not a way it could be secretive or hidden as it claims to be today. Then again, who said they were hiding or being secretive, as the 'non-believers' had proposed? History tells us otherwise. The Illuminati, history recounts on was an lluminati widely and popularly known and even revered by the people.

Adam Weishaupt was a Bavarian Professor who on the 1st of May, 1776 had established the first illuminati organisation. The goals this organisation wished to attain was the opposition of superstition, obscurantism, harsh and perverse religious influence over the public. Making use of demonstrations and boycotts to pursue their goals, they earned their place among the people. This do not in anyway sound like the conceptions put up in recent times concerning the existence of the illuminati.

History presents a illuminati void of demonic, oppressive, highly influential characteristics, unlike the modern illuminati talked about in recent times. The questions now go as thus: 'are there two different illuminati?  'Is the old illuminati still in existence and functional?' 

Hinging on The functions possessed by the  illuminati started by Adam Weishaupt in 1776, we can safely deduce that the illuminati may have changed its focus and goals along the way to give birth to an entirely different entity with a widespread reputation of dominance of free people and supposed fetish systems To acquire wealth.