The Secret To Great CGPA Grades 80/20 rule.

Just in - scientist Just discovered the simple formulae to get best CGPA grades in school

The Secret To Great CGPA Grades 80/20 rule.

Get your CGPAs UP...

Top students identify the 20% of concepts they need to learn deeply, in order to determine 80% of their final grade. They focus intently on those few things, and simply ignore the rest. This is a formula for high performance, without hours and hours of busywork. And it translates seamlessly into the real world too.

Though, some students who get good grades do every reading assignment, finish every practice problem, and attend every study session they can get their hands on. But these students are missing the point. There will always be an endless amount of information you could learn given the time and effort, but having the ability to discern what is worth learning will truly set you apart.

The 80/20 rule is effective it reduces excess book work loads and creates a sense of purpose for the student which in effects backs what ever neccesary actions taken with enormous strengths. These various actions which they tskes includes but are not limited to;

  • They make the best out of lectures

  • Frequent self test

  • They over-learn.
  • They learn on paper. I.e they write often as they read
  • they make use of the internet(Google search)
  • They creat their own study guide
  • They practice exam questions
  • They use the 80/20 rule