The Tradition of Taking Milk and Honey

The Tradition of Taking Milk and Honey
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When it was used by God as a symbolic representation of excess and plenty in the land he had promised Moses, milk and honey had aroused not only the appetite but the curiosity of what these two liquids would look like or even better, taste like.

Ofcourse, in the course of time, that curiosity was satisfied and soon sugar began to make a way for honey. People now preferred honey in their paps, tea, gravy, etc. Then came the apiculture trade, bees stood no chance against the honey whetted appetite of the humans. As this trade grew, so did the production of honey and honey related products. Lets not forget the dairy sector. Yeah, we all love our beloved cows, but we love them more when they give us milk. Hmmmmm, that creamy, delicious, heart-warming liquid we all love to have in our tea cups. You know what, i think i am going to pause a little while here so that i can rush over to the grocery store and get a jug of milk.


Ahhh… yeah, I needed that break. Okay, where were we? Right, I remember, ladies, gentlemen, dear readers, allow me to take you for a short course on the health benefits of taking milk and honey.

1. Aids proper Digestion :

Are you the type of person that is always having a date with constipation? Are you in dire need of quitting that relationship? Well, there is no surer way of doing that. Just get a mug, fill it up with milk, 2 or 3 teaspoonfuls of honey will do, stir properly and bottoms up. Be free to drink as required.

2. strong and healthy Bones.

I don’t know about you guys, but i am sure if i was asked to punch through a brick wall, i would do that with the only result being a damage to the wall and a smile on my face while i walk away with my arm intact. Ok, i might not actually have to punch through a wall to emphasise the significance of taking milk and honey if you wish to grow strong and healthy bones. Honey increases uptake of calcium by the body. Milk is rich in calcium content. practically, drinking honey together with milk increases the absorption of calcium in our body.

3. To prevent insomnia :

You are just back from work and you are thinking what an exhausting day it had been for you. You take a cold shower and proceed to your room, you get to your bed which is looking really friendly at the moment. You then literally dump yourself on your bed and on your marks, get set, hold on! Why are my not sleeping yet? Good question. Here’s an answer, you are not sleeping ‘yet’ because you are a sufferer of a disorder that keeps sleep faraway from you, insomnia, dude. Insomnia is the inability of an individual to sleep at night.

But don’t fret, Honey is a natural remedy used to prevent insomnia and for a good sleep to occur. People usually drink milk at night for better sleep which also relaxes the human Brain after reading at night to enhance effective remembrance in the morning.

4. It helps to treat Respiratory Infections :

According to medical research, acute respiratory infection is an infection that may interfere with normal breathing. Amazingly, Honey and milk are effective in eradicating pathogenic bacteria from the human body system…Okay! That is enough latin for one paragraph.

In simple english terms guys, milk and honey together? i don’t see why that cough should persist.

5. It helps to decrease Stress level:

You feeling stressed out? You think the whole world is gonna come crashing down on you? Are you feeling like road-kill? Well it will interest you to know that warm milk and honey decreases our stress level.

What are you doing?! Why are you still reading this?! Hurry up and go get some quality milk and honey from anywhere you can get it.