Time: A fundamental factor for Academic Excellence

Time: A fundamental factor for Academic Excellence

Time is a scarce resource. This implies that time is a necessary but insufficient factor that has numerous needs to meet. Due to the fact that human needs and programmes are numerous with little or no time to attend to them, man has got to find a way to conscientiously apply his heart to wisdom.

Youths / Students, are mostly the category of people that are choked up with time. This is because adolescent stage in life is stocked with so many time-eating exuberance, which may or may not be substantial. Amidst these,the onus is inequitably on you to see to it that you excel in your various fields of study with several tests,assignments,notes and obligations to see it is obvious that there is no survival if you don’t draw a scale of preference and make wise and right choices in life so as not to regret your actions later on the long run.

With all these stacked out on a student, the question he or she readily asks is – How can i manage my time? Time is like a spirited horse if it’s to work for you,you must learn to control it. Control your time and you will likely reduce your stress,improve your grades, and gain more trust from your parents. As a student, managing your time is almost impossible because, with so many engagements facing you,the following challenges are out on the way to stop you. They are :

MAKING A SCHEDULE: Just the thought of scheduling makes youths feel trapped,they like to be spontaneous, not tied to a plan. Now your life is busy,but it will probably become organized sooner rather than later!

After making a schedule, go back and prioritize; number the things you need to do in order of importance (also called scale of preference in Economics ).

A Secondary School Student (whether art or science inclined) should place high on their preference scale, their core subjects. As a student, Chemistry, Mathematics, English,Physics and Biology should occupy reasonable space in your Schedule. Art Students should do likewise with their Mathematics, Government, Literature and English. Beside these,other subjects can follow suit.

Activity 1: Use a pen and write the most important things you need to do.

STICKING TO SCHEDULE: Making a schedule would entail apportioning time limits to all necessary engagements. As a disciplined student, it is binding on you to try as much as you can to stick to it regardless of external influence. Take for instance, after school, you planned to study for test, but you got a text message inviting you to a movie, what must you do to stay on course? It will be unwise and a mark of lack of discipline to change your plan from studying. In scheduling, have something to aim for and then set little goals along the way to make sure you’re still on track .

Activty 2: Write down a realistic goal you could achieve within the next two years, and what you need to start doing now to reach that goal .

ORGANIZATION AND NEATNESS: Having everything neat and orderly will save you time when you are looking for your things. This will give you much needed peace of mind. Try putting things back in their places as soon as you can. Do it regularly rather than waiting until clutter gets out of control. Try making neatness a habit and see if it makes life easier .

Every student ought to have a personal study timetable . There, he/she fixes his/her core subjects at hours he/she is more alert and also create time for other house chores in the house,etc.

Time and tide waits for no man. The decision to be good manager of time is solely dependent on you because time is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. Manage it wisely and you will reap the rewards -Academic Excellence.